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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Accepting yourself

This morning i woke up with so much love to give, not only to my loved ones but to everybody.

i looked at myself in the mirror, turned around side ways and admired the woman that i am; a middle aged size 38 lady. 

i woke up with my favorite dress in mind and i wanted to turn heads. i took a long hot bath and headed to my dressing room. My face lit up as i slip my dress on; it did not go so well hey, i have maintained my body weight for 4 years and now my dress is proving me wrong. i was so disappointed, i had to change to something else i did not really picture myself wearing but it worked out fine.

This made me realize how we waste so much time, energy and life itself not accepting ourselves, the love we have not given to ourselves and the powers we have not really used.

accept everything about yourself, i mean everything; your big tummy, big booty, big boobs, big nose etc. you are you, no apologize no regrets.  be what you are and that is the first step to becoming a better person than you are now. our past is not and will never be our identity. YOU living now is your identity.

if you are able to be yourself then you have no competition. we are all sexy, special and unique in our own way.

above all, you better be true to yourself.

i am ME and i love ME, there is just no better person than ME.

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