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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Being a married woman

i am still amazed by the number of people who make it sound like being married is like entering a new life where everything is boring and all you do is look old.

that is rubbish.....

Look at Beyonce, Cece Winans, Celine Dion, are these ladies not married? why can't i embrace being a gorgeous married woman. especially we africans, i don't mean to sound bad but its true.

i came to work today dressed in an orange below the knee floral dress and i was welcomed by what i will call "discriminatory" compliments...."you look like a married woman today unlike the other outfits you wear"...."wow, today you show what a married woman should look like"....rubbish. whoever said a married woman should look old and boring must be sent to hell. Yes i agree when you get married the lifestyle changes a bit, behavior and the character, well i am not too sure about character but all i knows is beauty must stay.

a woman should be beautiful always regardless of her marital status. i decided to answer " oh! thanks, i decided to go for my summer dress today since it's hot," i made it a point that i do not entertain the married part. 

it's amazing how no one knows the reason for wearing that lil' number, my man loves that. he wants me to look sexy everyday. that is what attracted him to me anyway, among other things, so why should i change to please people. 

i believe in being gorgeous always, so can i just live my life being a gorgeous wife and mother to my kids.  

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