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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

why does love hurt this bad

isn't love supposed to be sweet, feel like heaven or like walking on clouds?

you know sometimes i ask myself why is it so easy to fall in love yet we hate being played not that i am saying love goes hand in hand with being played, well that is open for discussion.
sometimes you just tell yourself you have met the one and you end up with a broken heart. i  hate dated so many men and when i look back now, i ask myself what got into me, you know. you love with your body, money, you give everything into love and you get a thank you that you never guessed you'd get.

why does love hurt so bad when it's supposed to be kind and caring. we want to love deeply but are afraid, we want to commit but we are afraid somebody else will see the cuteness and take it from us. 
one writer says "I’m probably the most selfish man in the world. I wish you only love me, just love me, just thinking about me and only me who has the right to have you. But it’s all because I just love you, only love you and only you are entitled to have me."
Love has turned to being jealous, selfish, self centered and ruthless. i am not against love as i am in love myself but i am just asking myself why the pain, hurting and so much hatred in love.

i do not want to believe that jealousy is born with love but i know jealousy is the only vice that gives no pleasure.

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