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Monday, 23 April 2012


i came across a couple of poems that i found to be so inspirational, written for women. we do want to be respected not pitied as woman. When a woman is not given the respect she deserves then her self-esteem decreases and she starts seeing herself as not deserving and value less.

may i share my feelings with you my sisters and remember to love yourselves and respect yourself....remember it starts with you before anybody else sees it.

by Lovely

What am I to say
From a colored woman's prospective today
With my Brown skin
Dark eyes
Thrifty dreams
African American eyes

Feels like a hot breeze from Congo
Blowing my way
With echoes from the mountains
And whispers
Manipulating my soul
To dance and sing
And listen to the drummers


They are speaking to me
Can't you hear?

Sending a message out to us sista's
Us women of color
Us women of glory
And eternal everlasting

My ancestors look at us in discuss
With our chemical treated hair
Body exposed like we don't care

And my back pressed up against the wall
With my belly sticking out
And my tears that stained my cheek
And my intelligence turned weak

Us colored women today, yes us colored women today

What's next, they cut off the welfare checks
What's new, sistas looking for something to do?
And who's to say, we still gonna make more baba's

Won't even give us a job
Cause we belong to that African tribe

Won't even love and respect our brother
Cause we all have the dark skin color

Don't color me black; don't call me a lady,
Don't offer me fine wine, or a ride in your Mercedes

Don't give me your heart, or your passionate love campaign
Don't give me some other sister, worry to gain

Just give me truth, something pure and clean
Just give me respect like an African queen

it's not that we do not like to be called black but sometimes people make it sound like being a black person is cursed. Guess what, ugly is ugly in spanish too...we are proud to be black and we know black is beautiful. Do not concentrate much on the outside beauty because then you will be missing out on the inside bombshell that you should be exploring and enjoying. the color of my skin don't matter.

                                                         Within Me
by Kathleen Sheppard

Scarlet lips as red as a rose,
perfect hips in a seductive pose.
On the outside this is what I may be,
but what about looking at the heart within me.

Long black hair, surrounding my face,
baby blue eyes and full of grace.
This is what most men chase,
but my soul and feeling cannot be erased.

Long, untouched legs with a snug fitting skirt,
a short and sexy tube top shirt,
I take my looks with little pride,
for what I care about is what's inside.

They say that these looks are a sensation,
that I am one of God's best creations,
But all I really want is for you to see,
all the good that is within me.

wow, i couldn't agree more with Kathleen, "but all i really want is for you to see all the good that is within me". it seems so little to ask yet it is yet it is an important part of me. you can call me ugly, i may not have the physic that you want...i may not have it all but i am still a woman. respect, appreciate and worship me for the goddess that i am, the queen that i am.

i may not have it all but in my world I AM THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

                                    Most Beautiful Woman In The World
by Ruwaida Van Doorsen

She has no special talent
No special beauty mark
No invention with a patent
No voice of a comely lark

No hourglass physique
No sunbeam likened smile
No lingering mystique
No manicured nails to file

But what she had she flaunted
With the style of a fur- lined stole
With the chic of a runway model
She flashed her beautiful soul

I hope you woman will find some inspiration today in what i have shared and you man love your lady as she deserves it. treat her with all the respect and appreciation for every little thing she has done for you.

i promise to love myself more, worship myself more for i am the queen of my own circle.If i do not love and respect myself then the next person will see me as worthless.

i am an African woman worth a million.

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