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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I found Myself Lost in Love

They call it amor, Upendo, Lief, Mahal, Uthando, Lerato, Lutsandvo....well i call it LOVE.

When you find yourself lost in thoughts, the good feeling of being loved, your blood boiling every time you see him or must know it might be love.

well, i can explain the feeling because no one can really. we try to put names to it but it just doesn't settle it.

Love is deeper than just to say i love you. you never know how hard it will fall, how deep it flows and when it is going to end...we just pray to grow in it and that it never ends. 

i have found my roots of love these days and another new meaning of the word itself. My wish for love is for it to grow stronger, deeper and wider. flow from its deepest source never ending source.

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