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Friday, 6 July 2012

My Life

its been a while since i have updated my blog.

I have been stuck with my problems and had no energy for sharing what is going on in my life. if you have been reading my blog from the first day then i am sure you know what i'm talking about...falling in and out of love, being stuck in a marriage that you feel is not doing it for you. 

i have finally decided to let questions asked.

i have decided i am too gorgeous to be stressed and too young to commit suicide. i know i may be sending mixed messages as my previous blog was about finding myself in love. well, i guess i had met somebody who made me feel loved there for a moment and made me feel what love should be like.

some of my friends think cheating in my marriage and going back home like nothing has happened is the way to go. what if you are caught and are sent packing due to that, your good character then is destroyed so this is what i prefer, LEAVING.

Do not ask me how i am going to live and if i am going to fall in love again because the answer is i don't know but the person i am going to meet has some convincing to do. my values now are too high and expectations as well because i have been there and i know the cost of it all.

i am just wishing myself the best in all my future endevours and pray God blesses me with all the love and material i deserve BUT he must hold the man part for now, i do not need any disruptions.

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