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Friday, 6 July 2012

Life Lessons

i have learnt that money cannot buy you happiness or a good life but it can sustain you and help you pull through life. material things in life are just a bonus. for me it is impossible to love a person because of what he/she has got but that for me is a plus. 

i have learnt to practice loving unconditionally and i know how it feels, it brings joy where there is none and hope where there is none. it makes you feel like you can do anything because of that unconditional support you are getting.

i have learnt to disregard bad counsel. in this planet there are two types of people, the type that loves watching people suffer and the type that wants to see you doing the best you can. i have been exposed to such and i can positively say i passed this test.

i have learnt to be strong. they usually say what does not kill you makes you stronger, well it's kinda true. some of us do not survive heartaches, we are just pieces walking around looking for somebody to put us together. well there is NO one to put you together except YOU. Pull yourself together and face life. i do not want to believe that i am the only strong lady left on this planet earth.

i have learnt to love myself more. it feels good to be told you look gorgeous even in the darkest days. it actually is the most comforting thing to do, wake up in the morning, take a bath, put on your best clothes and walk tall. i do not believe in people seeing my problems but i want them to see the good in me, see the gorgeous person i am even in my challenges. i hate people talking about what i am going through but they rather talk about something else just to take my mind of my problems and make me forget. it is for that reason that i do not believe in people knowing my pain.

these are just my lessons that i have learnt in this life and i am continuing to learn as i explore life. what does not kill you make you stronger and it will eventually pass, you just have to be strong and face that demon. 

Life is a lesson on its own...

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