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Monday, 13 August 2012

Just an Ordinary Lady Trying to make it in Life - In Sorrow & Joy

August is the month for women

Let me start by my description of a real woman....

a woman knows her worth and value. she is caring but not to be taken for granted. she hides her pains because she is strong. she is a lover but stands her ground and is not easily intimidated.she is independent and successful in every corner of her life. she has got so much strength within her and can do anything she sets her mind up is not part of her.

A Real Woman
by Latorial Faison

I decided years ago
that I'd be a good woman
the kind of woman
little girls want to be
the kind average men can't conceive
those God predestines for eternity
a real woman
that's me.

I decided as a girl child
that I'd make this life worthwhile
worth carrying me to term
worth the truth to learn and discern
worth living, even if it didn't bring joy
but pain . . . I continue my plight just the same
a real woman
that's me.

I decided to take a stand
never to be used by any man
not to welcome occasional abuse
or yield to the violence, but to be of good use
walking hand in hand with a carefully chosen
God-fearing, remarkably responsible man
a real woman
that's me.

I decided to walk this earth with pride
with hope in each stride, lifting these beautiful brown eyes up . . . into miraculously created skies
surrendering my soul from dusk 'til dawn
to be empowered within my spirit without alarm
walking in peace . . . faithful and strong
a real woman
that's me.

I decided years ago
that I'd be a good woman
the kind of woman
little girls want to be
the kind average men can't conceive
those God predestines for eternity
a real woman
that's me.

This is what i consider the ordinary Lady who is trying to make it in life no matter what comes her way. i just can't imagine life without the tears and laughter.....was i going to be what i am today if life was easy..i do not think so. the tears and laughter prune us. 

may God smile on all the men who are trying their best to treat their women as queens during this month of August. i am a wife, lover, friend and a mother. i am blessed with a family. i am a carer, i put other people first and forget about my own needs. i make it a priority to feed others before i can start thinking about what i am going to eat.

this is basically what a true woman is. to all the women out there. keep smiling, keep holding your head up high, you are on top of your game. 

Made In Eden
by Latorial Faison

The Master of the Universe could have chosen seeds,
petri dishes or even magic, but He chose the miracle of you.
He could have continued His creation, the sleeping and
removing of ribs, but He made His future in you.

He chose man for life and woman for the continuation of
that man's life. You are the challenge to be cherished forevermore.
How God's man could live without you or even say that he could
do without you is beyond me and all sense of time.

You cannot . . . we cannot . . . I cannot be replaced,
displaced or mistaken for something that I am not
when we were broken down into numbers, formulas,
figures and phenomenon in a place called Heaven.

Centuries prove that we are the ones who brought
us here to stay. Had it not been for bodies like yours and mine
Adam's seed would have died in Eden, and who knows
what God's next idea would have been. Who knows?

But you were chosen for life, and you have given back
to the universe what was proposed. You have bridged
a gap. You have opened a door. You have created
life; four little letters became ten little fingers and toes.

It is a shady destiny to fulfill not knowing what the end
will be. It's a giving back to the Giver in hopes and prayers
that He will touch souls and direct paths.
Life is a troubled thing to bear, and we have borne it.

It's a simple reflection in a so-called complex world, and
why? We have taken the simple things and built mountains
that keep us from pressing on. The four-letter word has
been complicated, mistaken, halted and reformed by men.

A candle was lit in Eden. A circle was formed there, and
we are the most important means to something that never ends.
We shed the light of love by bringing miracles to life each time
we cross that predestined threshold of motherhood.

Perhaps it's why we think of flowers, fresh fruit and sweet smelling scents
when we think of mothers of sons and daughters. It's a beautiful
thought, but I really think it was all about Adam waking up from
a deep sleep and seeing before him the continuation of life.

He saw you. He saw me. He saw us
with all the glory God could give the world in a woman, the continuation
of life. I hope that he told God thank you. I hope that he
recognized woman as God's purpose for the promise of life.

You were chosen to bear a burden that only you could bear.
And you were chosen to hear words and cries that only you,
as a mother, could hear and respond to with your touch, your telling
and your tenderness of heart. You were made in Eden to last forever.

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  1. It,s so wonderful to read about this.u truly inapire me as a woman.