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Monday, 3 December 2012

A month's Love

this is a piece that i wrote myself. well i am not a professional, these are my thoughts on paper. i was just sitting one afternoon, thinking and these words came to mind...

read on and enjoy

A month's love

loving you has shown me inside beauty,
beauty i had forgotten about,
beauty i never knew still existed,
beauty of loving and giving without fear of loss.

A month's love that feels like yesterday, 
it feels like a dream, another land i have never seen before,
 the feeling is strong and deeper, 
overflowing and immense.

am i dreaming?
are you real?....if you are real then i pray you never leave, 
do not take this feeling away, 
a month's love.....overflowing and immense

Heavens must have heard me prayin
"Lord please send me some real love"....
uncomparable, unmeasurable is my love for you, 
a months love..overflowing and immense

i love loving you
i know you love me deeper
a month of loving and knowing each other better..
.i have fallen deeper...i love love
i know and i pray we last forever

1 comment:

  1. SO nice Words. very sweet thoughts,, it shows that how much sincere and beautiful soul you have.. really great
    Sincerly Mahmood