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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

i just want to appreciate you for the good you do

well i know my blog is a little bit personal and maybe i give out more than i should but i can't help it.i am not sure whether it's me or some ladies also go through my experiences. sometimes i tell myself these vary with gender, well it might not be true but i think i have experienced the most problems on earth.

i really wish somebody can tell me why we appreciate things once they are taken away from us. we normally do not see the good side, we criticize and break it. we do not encourage or even say thank you for being good to our kids, our family or just to show some appreciation in whatever form. appreciating does not kill, we really do not loose anything but saying thank you and we encourage the other party to continue doing good.

In our friendships, homes and work places we compete against each other. we want to be noticed and gain nothing out of it except for praises for being better. we cannot help each other with assignments with fear of being defeated or leading the other person to the top position. i ask myself what happened to good heart and humanity. you can pat yourself in the shoulder and say "she is the vice president because of me, i positioned her towards that seat" or " i'm so happy for you, you deserve it". can we at least be happy for each other.

In Funerals you find people crying " he was such a good man, a people's person." wake him up and find out if any of those crying ever told him that or good things for that will be surprised. i said in the beginning i am not sure whether it's us females or males do this as well.

from now onward, i want to get used to this phrase...i just want to appreciate you for the good you do. maybe i should start now,,,my dearest and sexy reader i just want to appreciate you for the good thing that you do be it at work, home or with your friends. you are uniquely made and continue doing good. 

Now go on and appreciate somebody, remember you are not loosing anything but so doing but you will find yourself feeling good and making friends eventually.

I just want to appreciate you for the good you do.................

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