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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I refuse to be controlled by you - Anger

sometimes we let anger take control of our emotions and do things we regret in the end. we tend to share our energy with anger....the bad thoughts that run through our minds and the actions we take are controlled by emotions. well, i found myself in that kind of situation and i realized that i have wasted so much energy and time thinking revenge, sweating and swearing. either way, it is not helping, today i am drawing my line and putting an end to it.

i refuse to be controlled by you

many believe that you are strong,
many believe you are controlling,
they say you cannot be controlled,
i refuse to be controlled by you.

i heard,
that you control minds,
that you control thoughts,
that you control behaviour,
i still refuse to be controlled by you

they call you names,
many have fallen because of you.

you are men's greatest enemy,
you consume our energy
for your contemptuous and manipulative ways, 
armed and dangerous.

anger, i refuse to be your victim,
i refuse to share my energy with you,
they call you all sort of names
i call you powerless
and i refuse to be controlled by you.

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