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Monday, 28 January 2013

10 Reasons why you should not keep a string of exes as friends

10 Reasons why you should not keep a string of exes as friends

These are just my views, i know some of you believe in keeping them as a part of your lives but i refuse because i will be reminded of how we met, how he was and what he was wearing that i admired. i respect my new partner, my partner's feelings are a priority and associating with my ex is not healthy to our relationship. the ex may try to break up the relationship by saying certain things to create an argument with my partner....basically, it's a waste of time.

These are MY 10 reasons why i refuse to be in touch with my ex/keep him as a friend.

1. You shared everything together. they know everything about you and how you like "it" done. everytime you see them you are reminded of how naughty he/she is and the good times you shared. NO THANKS

2. If they are the ones who broke your heart hanging out with them will make you look cheap and desperate.

3. i know this one is hard to do, i am a victim aswell....Past emotional baggage you bring into the current relationship may cause it to fail.

4. To allow yourself to fall in love again, not to compare or think of the good times you had with your ex.

5. Talking about your ex to your partner is a big NO and it hurts them. it's a sign you are not over them. it is a sign infact that you still have not moved on.

6. The most important...the person you are seeing now is uncomfortable about the idea of you calling your ex or texting him/her.

7. You may be tempted to go back despite having unresolved issues.

8. Your ex may still want you back and you are giving him/her the opportunity to manipulate your partner and make him/her believe you hitting it off.

9. Your being close to your ex can make your partner insecure about the relationship and doubt that you may end up being intimate with the ex again.

10. I repeat.....your partner may not be comfortable with the idea of you seeing your ex, he/she could be jealous and that ccould affect your relationship. You have been intimate with the person and he/she knows even your birth mark in hidden places....

Now, come back to your senses and answer me, how can an ex who knows so many intimate things about you be "just a friend."

i guess i will never get it............


  1. really great thoughts,,, i havae no words to comment on it

  2. 7. You may be tempted to go back despite having unresolved issues.

    are you not tempted to go back....

    thank you so much for the post

    1. i just know one thing,, Sincerity is important in every relation,, if you are not happy
      with any one leave him or her but dont cheat ..a bitter truth is better then a sweet lie