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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Let me introduce you to my country- Swaziland


I won't bore you with political information, i am not a political person and i live an exciting middle class life so i really do not stress much about politics. All i care about is whether the dollar is stable or not so Obama better get his acts together, i just cannot afford to have my E1 = $10 no ways!!!! the dollar is getting cheaper and expensive for us down here y'all.

It's amazing how the negative side of a beautiful small country keeps people talking. on another note it is understandable, God created us to talk so if we don't, who will. People have a tendency of capitalizing on one's fall and forget the good deeds, i wonder why? you do good no one says a fart suddenly everyone frowns and starts yelling hahahahaha...that's life for you.
The Reed Dance

I want to share some interesting read for you. i am not going to be posting pictures of rural areas, poor people, sick animals and all that's bad, NO.

 I am here to share the good and tell you how much i love my country and how/where you can enjoy your life here. well, given the change to explore another country for some 5 years i would take up the challenge, not because i don't like my country but for greener pastures, Money is never enough.

here we go, let me share some interesting things with you


You agree with me the flag is cute, right? i love the colors on it and the shield. now everything in that flag has a meaning so let me share these meanings with you starting with the colors;
flag of Swaziland

RED; stands for past battles
BLUE; Peace and Stability
YELLOW; Resources of Swaziland

If you look closely there is a shield which is the central focus of the flag. there are two spears or assegais symbolizing protection from the country's enemies. the black and white of the shield is meant to show that white and black people live in peaceful coexistence, in short there is no racism. in fact white person like in any other country except Zimbabwe get more attention than locals, please don't ask me why. The staff with hanging tassles makes it look good, that is just deco there's nothing symbolic there. however, no one ever wears the feathers in that staff, it's meant for royaltly or the King ONLY.

The Reed Dance

There is what is called the Coat of Arms...the two supporters are the dymbol of power for the King(Lion) and Queen Mother(Elephant). The shield is called the Nguni shied and is used in the country as well as the local weapons. the color of the shield is derived from the King's own regiment. if you read the word below the shield is "Siyinqaba" meaning "we are the fortress" or "we are a tower of strength".


1. Swaziland is the only country in Southern Africa to avoid political activities which to me gives me the picture of how peaceful it is. down here we mind our own businesses and not politics.

2. Swaziland is the world's absolute monarchy.

3. It is almost completely surrounded by South Africa.

4. Lobamba is the royal capital of swaziland whilst Mbabane is the administrative capital of Swaziland.

5. we are well off in terms of water resources than any other African Nation.

6. We are the cheapest place, $1 = E10

7. We love Pap, this is our staple food ( it's like potato mash only made of mealie meal)

we are just in a small piece of gorgeous land, decorated by mountains and plateaus. the weather is beautiful and the scenery is great.

Kids enjoying themselves.
The Royal Swazi Spa Jaccuzi

if you want to check out more interesting places, you can visit this website 

I'm no politician, i just thank God for placing me in a safer place with no wars and giving me a good'a live it until he calls my name....The dollar better stop acting funny, i need a holiday.


  1. Really Such nice and beautiful place,, Hope i can visit this place, it will be so great

  2. how arre you and where are you since long time, i havent seen any post from you.. i hope n pray that you will be fine and ok..