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Monday, 9 December 2013

Have a little Faith......

Through it all i have learnt to trust in Jesus.

You know faith keeps us going and in every situation that you face you just say a little prayer and believe everything will work out just fine. i always encourage people to be believers, you must have a faith you belong to, it might not be mine but atleast be a believer.

Let me share something, adulthood is full of ups and downs because you depend on yourself and God ( a greater power/ the supernatural). Your parents are out of the picture now because you are expected to do something with your life, they sent you to school so you'd have a better future.

Man are usually the only ones who are serious about education, well that can be argued but you know the truth. How many women Leaders do you know, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Jacob Zuma, Barrack Obama....your boss for goodness sake is a Man and the deputy for all i know is female. Besides, the thought and the belief that men is supposed to take care of his family and be the leader of the household, we women are sometimes dependent on men and lazy....sorry ladies.

i can say that in my life i have seen my faith working for me. There are times when you feel the planets are against you, a day when you need to hear a positive word, be told all will be well. I can tell you this, Faith keeps me sane, i get courage to do all these things because i believe i am getting guidance from above, that is why i feel i have learnt to trust in my God than any other in the world. sometimes you are tempted to let go of life and feel worthless but you get courage and see yourself as a giant facing everything.

i am really not sure where this thought comes from. This is unedited.
there's just this feeling within me saying "girl you made it no matter your huge problems.".... i don't even know how i made it through this year but here am i, still standing, believing and pressing on.

life is not easy and i am sure if we didn't have so many challenges, we would be living in a world filled with hatred, jealous and envy.

Just appreciate life and have a little faith.

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