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Monday, 16 December 2013

Your Background as a Secret weapon

never forget where you come from.

Some of us were raised by strict parents who just do not care about our desires or so it appeared. Your background and family teachings play a huge role as you grow and through them you will know how to handle some situations. Through background we also get to learn your character and personality. Though when you get older you then choose for yourself what you want to follow and how you want to leave your life but it comes up one way or the other so you better stay true to yourself and be grateful.

Each family in this planet has its own values. When we grow up our parents try their best to give us the best education, meet all our needs and make sure everything is available when we are in need. Well, It may not be so in some families due to challenges but money is not all you got to be grateful for, love and care is the best of them all. All we want is to be love and feel we belong somewhere. 

I though my Dad was stingy...well he's an accountant so you account for everything in this household and keep the change is still alive believe me :)..... When i asked for something he used to say "ngite imali ( i don't havem oney)." I hated that phrase and thought to myself "Lord, can you give me another Daddy." I never understood he was investing in my future and saving every bit so i can look good every morning when going to school with my lunch box packed.

Now that i am a grown woman, have a good job and education i realize that the way i was brought up is my secret weapon. The person i am today, my personality and character tell a story. The family values that were instilled in me while growing up worked for good. 

These were some of the things we were taught; never play "kiss kiss" with a boy because your belly will grow. Now i know, so my parents were telling me kissing leads to something else and then boom you are have an idea atleast of how the world works. Do not talk to strangers, my "Paradise" is not to be touched by any one, male or female. These are some of the teachings.  When i reached High school i started having a clue of what all these things meant, kids were being kidnapped (talking to strangers) and molested. These things kept my eyes open and my ears even wider i would not allow such to happen to me so i had to practice them.

My mom was a house wife, she took care of all four kids. We never had a maid, the only woman we knew better was mom. We were timed each day we left for school and we had to rush back home after school and no fooling around because we would be spanked. She was so strict we hated it, we didn't have friends in our hood or aloud to play outside the gate. Discipline worked, all the girls in our hood have kids, my sister and i are the only ones without. imagine if we were part of the girls, playing with boys or sneaking out of home for fun, we would be with kids we wouldn't know how to feed. We hated her back then but as she reminds us everyday how she tried to protect us from dangers we are grateful. 

Now, i sit back and think about the old teachings and laugh. I value them, i do not criticize my parents for my up bringing because i know if it wasn't for those values and teachings i would not be here today. My Background as strict as it was molded me for my future, now they see a beautiful principled woman, there is a story behind that.

it is up to you how you want your family to be like, work on those values. You kids will remember you words everyday no matter where, how and what they have become. A better family is the one that is filled with love, care, courtesy and more love,  material things are a bonus.

"Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could" -Barbara de Angelis 

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  1. Never let go of your dreams and keep on inspiring people :)