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Friday, 4 July 2014

The New Me and my LOVE for JULY

Kute inyanga lemcoka kwendlula December, February na July......(there is no more important month than December, February and July).

Well we all know about the other months...Christmas and Valentines...i have been single lately, Cupid's been dead for a while i'm not sure when he/she will February went by without me noticing there was something love for me lol!!

Now the Month of July....

I was born on the 9th July, so i would love to get a few wishes just for today on this post only...just this one!!! Every year i celebrate new life but now this one has to be the important of them all. i am at the door of the big numbers. I can't help but throw a party bidding farewell to my youthful years of craziness and hope for maturity and all the best in the years to come.

My biggest gift....

i have always been a big girl all my life so this year i strived to shed a few kilos so i can fit into a good bikini..come on now give me a high five for the good job. I am hoping to rock my new look for the rest of summer time. let me share with you my crazy photos...a girl gott'a look good!!!

My Before and After....

I love myself better now. I feel so fresh, full of lie and on top of the secret was to quit eating at all...all i had was breakfast. I do not encourage you to quit eating but rather small prtions in all your meals. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, less starch and all that junk you enjoy so much!!

I love myself so much....

Today i decided to go a little personal and share my photos ngoba ngijabulile (because i am excited). 

Nothing fancy just the real me!!!!!!

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