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Monday, 11 August 2014

August = Umhlanga Reed dance + Independence Day

Flag of the Kingdom of Eswatini
Tintfombi temhlanga

So we are already flying our flag high and packing our regalia in readiness for the two big events....

The announcement is already out for maidens to register at their respective chiefdoms, dates have been rolled out for main event. Chiefs have been warned not to release kids, i guess this is because of the long walks and sleeping conditions...i cannot really think of any other reason. Suprisingly, as i was listening to the announcement, i noted that the leaders of the maidens (boys) had to be reminded that they will sleep in separate rooms...not be in the same rooms as the girls. Well, atleast now we know our kids are safe. The maidens were also requested to be their natural selves, no make up, no weaves, no braids, no lipsticks is allowed during the event.

Umhlanga is the most talked about event in our communities right now. I found a group of school girls discussing umhlanga and the other was seducing the friend into attending. i jumped into the conversation and wanted to find out what was so interesting about it that she  would actually be an "ambassador" and recruit other girls. She told me being around other girls was nice, the cutting of the reed, walking, singing and dancing was actually good and the late nights. I just do not imagine myself bathing in a river or with cold water but i guess it is what makes our culture lovely. then i thought to myself ..oh so young girls are really enjoying this, to them it's an outing to showcase their dancing skills before other girls.

i love the way Zulu maiden are always showing up to join our reed dance, it makes it even more interesting to see other traditional dances and outfits. Now, i wonder why everyone is complaining about boobs???...Just a question that no one has an answer to.

I can't help but look forward to practicing these traditional dances and know the songs they sing. if you are lucky i will be posting some pictures for you here...i am also extending an invitation, come join me as we celebrate our culture.

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