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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My 1st Time dressed in our Traditional outfit

On the 15th August, my family had to attend to a wedding in Margate, just outside Durban. It was an interesting journey and we were all looking forward to meeting our extended family and our new Swedish family. The most interesting part was Sunday, the traditional outfits to be worn by the different cultures, that was amazing. The events were to last for two days, Saturday for the white wedding and Saturday for welcoming the bride and exchanging gifts.

The Weather...

Oh Gosh it was so refreshing..the beach view from my room was amazing. the refreshing cold breeze coming through the windows was amazing....unfortunately there was no time to enjoy the beach, bikinis and all that...It was a busy weekend. The nights were so cold, i somehow caught a cold from the change of weather, Swaziland is so hot and then Durban hit me hard. 

my sister and i


This was my favorite day. I had packed my gear and looking forward to trying it on. I woke up early so i could really take my time since i had no clue how it was done. I woke my sister up to help me with it, fortunately she had an idea of how the knot is supposed to be and on which side.I must admit, it felt so good and the attention we got with everyone being interested in knowing us and where we were from was awesome.

Ligcebesha...our traditional neck piece

the beautiful bride with her mums

We welcome our sister in-law/cousin

So in the Xhosa tradition...i hope i'm right... the new family gives their makoti (Bride) a new name.She is taken from her Husband by the elderly women for advice and new name. We welcome to the family the gorgeous Makoti, Nosizwe.

Wishing the newly weds all the best as they start their own family.


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  2. Do one thing everyday that scares you.