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Monday, 12 January 2015

2015 - forget Filthy

Dear Co-bloggers,

As we are are in 2015 already, it would be unfair and unjust for us all to hold grudges yet we say we have forgiven. Remember, they usually say if you hold a grudge you are giving the next person power over your happiness. Unfortunately, i agree because i have seen it happen and i can testify.

LinCaya.D says in 2015 we must all forget any and all filthy deed done to us and our loved ones. Can we just forget and move on. Life itself is Happiness and Justice; God saw it fit to give us another year so we prove to him the meaning of new beginnings and a new chapter of our lives. Forgive your neighbor; Anyone who has done you wrong. Forget; Just do not think about it, bury it. It may take some time but make an effort.

The grudges and all the pain you do not want to forget blocks you from being fulfilled or fulfilling your purpose in life. Everyone has a purpose including you. Satisfy yourself this year, do that one think you felt was tough....i plead with you to take that leap of faith. You know you can fly, just close your eyes, gives in and soar. That heavy load is lifted off your shoulders.

FORGIVE AND BE FULFILLED. I wish you strength to overcome obstacles, internal peace to make you smile when you feel let down., joy to keep you going through your days and a smile to prove the enemy wrong; just smile through it all and believe.

Laughter, peace and love; Fulfilment.

With lots of love,


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