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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

30 Rock!!!!

It feels so good to know that this year i am turning 30 years old. There are so many blessings i wish to share and some downs i want to forget. Unfortunately all these contributed to my 29 years of learning and getting to know how the world functions;).

I tried finding the meaning of turning 30 and why everyone including me is so fascinated about it. I came across an article Growing old, The Jewish view on aging and retirement. I was really pleased to read that old age is indeed a blessing. Each additional life brings along wisdom, knowledge, lessons and some achievements. Infact all these make a persons worth increase, that right there makes me feel so good about my life in general. I am really worth so much more if i think of that fact that even the work environment is after young blood.

However, adulthood is not as rosy i anticipated and i guess i'm not the only one basing it from this passage."A working adult, burdened by the demands of life, may nostalgically reminisce on his childhood "paradise" as a time of freedom from responsibility and toil. As a child, however, he disdained such paradise, desiring only to do something real and creative. Challenge a child with responsibility, and he'll flourish; cast him as a passive, unproductive recipient of "education," and he'll grow despondent and rebellious. For the child, too, is alive, and as such craves achievement; from the moment of birth he is already actively influencing his surroundings, if only by stimulating his parents with his thirst for knowledge and affection." This is me growing up, i thought it was greener on the other side. Yes it is greener but you water the green often and at times you get tired.

I am truly blessed to be reaching 30. I have acquired a lot, my education, some knowledge, a car and now planning on buying myself a house for my 30th...that just is amazing. I am hoping to realise my dreams, inner strength and bring to life my creative energies. I am grateful yet for another year, there is a lot i have to achieve.

 I'ma write my name in the sky so y'all can bow.

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