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Monday, 9 March 2015

A Motherly love

After overturning with my car, i spent the whole of February, including Valentine's Day at home with the family. i discovered some things i ignored for a long and i bonded with mum in another level. 

At times we are too busy putting our own lives together and forget our roots. We loose contact with the inner person as we run against lusts of these worldly things. Let me not be spiritual here but yes spirituality is important.  As we were sitting talking with my old lady i realized how strong she was for me, how much she cared and i saw myself a superwoman through her eyes. You know when someone tells you, you can be anything if you put your power to it and you feel like this super hero. 

As we spoke she was sharing her stories about meeting my dad, coming to Swaziland as a foreigner and what our lives meant to her. As she shared some of the things, tears filled my eyes. I never realized how strong she had to be; being a wife in a foreign land with a strong culture, raising your kids in your own standards and most of all the hardships you face as you learn the language and how things are done in another country. Basically, depending on that one person, your husband for everything as a house wife. I can never put myself in her shoes because i will not love the feeling. As an independent lady it is hard to think that i can quit my job and raise a family instead though it has to be done.

There are times when we do not pay attention to these details yet they make us who we are. Right now i classify myself as independent, loving my life so much and forget that what i am now is because somebody fought for me. My mum has been a house wife since her arrival in Swaziland, we were her babies hidden in her belly and she protected us. I must say after this month of being at home, paying attention to my family, my recovery was quick.

There is no place like home and nothing beats a Mothers Love.

Happy Woman's Day

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