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Friday, 27 March 2015

It takes a strong WOMAN to make a MAN COMMIT

A friend of mine invited me for a sleep over, thinking we would catch up and talk silly. We sat on the couch random topics were discussed and actually the point that her man was not the settling type. through out their relationship they were both comfortable dating but no talks about marriage or future. You know how it goes, this topic should be brought in by the man because you can mention it and he runs thinking you want commitment which obviously you do. 

When they started dating, she was not ready to settle and told me, she would turn him down. She had fears and never saw herself growing old with a man, she had no trust but believed she would find love some day. We both concentrated on school and promised ourselves a bright future with monuments built by our own hands and no men's help. Men are intimated by independent successful woman but i can say now that the weaklings are intimidated by strong women, in fact they run when they think we are too much for them which is good because we want the best.

She is a strong Christian woman with a strong heart. She knows what she wants and would never settle for less she would rather be alone than compromise her position to make someone else comfortable. As we were sitting there telling stories, she actually told me her man proposed some weeks ago and she hid it from me. That was the big surprise, I asked how? why? and what brought about the change. 

Listen to this confession of a strong woman now...He told her, he inspired him to the point that he saw a wife, a woman who believes in herself and what she does. He felt he could not live without her. She was a rock and supportive in a way any man would love. ever since they dated she has never given him a reason to leave or fight him but she was submissive and humble and he felt honoured. He saw a partner in everything and he would survive any day through the words of encouragement she shares with him. 

Now, i definitely know she does not talk much but acts, she does not point fingers but looks at herself and what she did wrong to trigger a bad reaction. In everything that was happening she was positive and concentrated on the positive. There is no perfect person and that should teach us to concentrate on the good and not point fingers at our men. A man is easily bruised. Sometimes we say words that crush them and never realise. The next minute he acts weird and you ask what you have done. Sometimes we need to appreciate our men's down side and try to boost that weak link to work better for us. We are more of problem solvers that them, real women know what i'm talking about here.

As a women, it is best to appreciate your man the way God created him, you will never get 100% in a relationship so work with what you have, improve it. You are not perfect either but he tolerates you and knows you are human so why can't you do the same. We are carers, that is what we do best, we nurture what is our own. God loves it that way. Our men are our protectors and providers. It takes a strong woman to make a man commit.

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