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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Behind every successful woman is herself...unedited

Someone please tell me what is wrong with us women....

Let me apologize for my tone but as I was sitting back watching all these things that are happening outside there I got a lil' agitated.

So here we are, me writing to you asking for assistance in understanding why we vouch for men's success and forget ourselves in the process.

I am just wondering if it's the way we are taught or it happens only in Africa. The man is the head of the family and we follow their lead. Today, allow me to play with that phrase because I believe in something different. We, women are the heads of our families, let me prove this in 5 points, watch this;
1. He prepares for work (gets dressed), you have to fix his suit, neck tie and matching socks...simple stuff.
2. You make him breakfast, he just does not care about his are a mother.
3. We take care of most of the household chores using their money of course because they just can't do it.
4. Compare a bachelor’s house with a married man's house and then ask who bought most of the staff or set it up...a woman.
5. Man need to discuss their plans with us for approval or second opinion. Even your Pastor TD Jakes shares his sermon with the madam and ask "am I in the right track". Even the CEO or church leader goes back home to share his day with the woman in his life just for "did I make the right decision" kind of talk, some assurance that he made the right decision and everything will be ok.

and then the woman goes back home to tell the man:

1.      “I did this”...and he says wow! that is great. Here is the thing, I knew it was a great idea which is why I did it.
We do not have that going back and forth trying to get assurance on things that we know are right. We go back with the “I did this” report of which he will say “that is wonderful news honey, you are the best.”

So I am saying I really have no points to prove that behind every successful woman there is a man. The more we focus on ourselves we lose the relationship side because someone is worried about their status, ego and what his friends are going to say. I wish men could embrace it, we are now realizing what we are made of, the power within us and even worse, that we can actually do twice as much.
Do not get me wrong. yes, I am single and enjoying my independency but I appreciate men who love their women either way. Can we also rejoice and say behind every successful woman there is a patient loving man, who puts his woman first. Our determination, passion and drive for success must not come second.
this is just me hard feelings.....I LOVE MEN....I’m a total bitch :)

  1. 1.
    an independent or self-governing state.

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