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Saturday, 12 September 2015

WE, THICK MAMAS can sell products too.

So this one is going to be brief....Unedited....

It's 1:26am i am still up watching tv and the ads are really annoying. I am enjoying my wine and talking with myself...yes, my better half, ME...

I am getting sick of these adverts for alcohol or any other product that advertises using lean chics. it's not like us thick mamas don't have pussy, we got it so why do these ads use lean chics. They say sex sells right? why can't they use a thick lady in a mini skirt smoking that dunhill switch cigar that i love so much. It's not like we are embarrassed of our bodies unless we say so
Dunhill Switch
...or you can just photo-shop the tummy lol..what the heck i want my tummy in those ads...

Seriously speaking though, no one said we should be skinny...i am using that word purposely, we love our food, we love our bodies and we use all those products the skinny girls are advertising, please approach me for any comments :)... I use dove, i am light in completion and african thank you.

i drink wine or whiskey, it doesn't come with that DJ i see otherwise it would be a better package believe me ( buy a bottle of Glenfiddich and get Louie Vega for free :) ) that can be a better deal. we are not buying the shape of the girls so either way the product wins.

If you are a marketer and reading this please know that i am representing all the thick mamas in the world who are brand ambassadors to some products, USE US. We are as good as your lean models, how about that?

Unedited...................signing out................LinCayaD.

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