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Friday, 19 February 2016

Lesson for today: Ladies buy your own cars and stop depending on your man (for everything)

Raise your hands if you’ve been stood up?
                                                                                          1..2…5…ahem…yeah I see those hands now!!
Has it ever occurred to you that he got some other things to do or some business to take care of…if he is driving your car please check on the next blog, this aint for you girl!!!
If he ain’t got some other business on the side, did you ever think that he might be under pressure at work? to finish a certain project maybe, so he might need to work late…and yet here we are, looking at the time every second of the tick…”did he forget me? Or no he di’nt.” We get so angry and forget about the individuality part.
Well, back to my english now hahaha…thing is, we tend to depend on our men most of the time like they are our “Jesus.” I am one lady who supports women independency and power not that I have been in one of those relationships noooooo. I am sure most men who read my blog are like “this bitch must have been through some hell” excuse my Spanish but noooo or maybe just a lil’ bit. Here I’m backing up men so you better understand my thinking. Ever since my youth, (no wonder I am still not married) school & college days my dad would drop me at the door and pick me up later. Working days, I relied on cabs or public transport then I bought my own car.
My dad is a slow person naturally but he is fond of me very much ( I’m the first girl). Whatever he did he made sure he was on time but for me, a lil late like 5 minutes late. I’m always on time, everything I do is always on the dot if not seconds earlier. I learnt to practise patients although it would wear out some times, I would be really mad. He would apologise and give me that, I ended up smiling so he would not feel bad.
My youth days taught me so much that I focused so badly on being independent. When I was in college I would get R10 for the whole fuckin week…there would be no more. My background tuned my mind into working hard to earn money and depending on myself for any other items I needed. My mum has been there taking care of us as the house wife and also instilled strong values and principles…settling for less is really not an option.
So now you know my background..back to us… I do not understand why I have to wait for someone to pick me up or depend on for silly things as sanitary towels. I have been preaching independency for some time now to my friends and I have been leaving every verse I preach…except one....your man visiting for too long or overstaying his welcome. You gotta have your own transport, it can be from friends or whatever I don’t care, make a plan.
So this is the deal or my experience. The time your man feels like you are depending on him for every lil’ item, he feels like …no correcting, he has so much power over you. Example, you go ask for bread money, silly as that. … he doesn’t have/ doesn’t give you, what do you do;
1.      Get angry..
2.      You heart goes on about all your exes…how they gave you money and all that..
3.      You don’t talk to him..
4.      …and he irritates you trying to find out what’s wrong when he knows for sure it’s the bread issue..
Hahaha…forgive me for laughing but seriously is that what it is…get your stuff together and earn some respect, even Dr Phil agrees with me now. What is wrong with you, putting men in the centre of your life and dreams, those are your own, just live.
1.      Make sure you got some of your needs ( so he doesn’t pay for your cologne)
2.      Buy your own car or hitch a ride from friends.
3.      Be your own boss.
4.      Know you always got your own back.
Point 4. For example, if you go out on that date make sure you got a rand/ dollar/whatever for your own PLATE (drink & meal). If he chickens out, fool pay for your own meal and let him clean the darn restaurant for all you/I care.
Not in a bad way but my pretty ladies. You may not realise this but you are so powerful. You can get or have anything you want in this world ( I didn’t say, use our dear fellows but ;) you get the idea right?)
You can be anything you want to be;
Whether you are; a waitress, cleaner, janitor, messenger, receptionist…I AM TELLING YOU, you can be anything you want to be. I was a receptionist, I am still working my way to the top…you can be anything you want to be.
MAY I BE YOUR INSPIRATION? Just this one time. Be stubborn, like me and go for what you believe in or want…it works.
I love you all, including you, yes Wena (you)!


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