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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The dangerous Mehlwabovu Mountain

For the first time today, the name of the mountain got my attention. It’s not like the mountain just appeared today but it has been there for centuries and I have had a few nice trips enjoying the curves and the steepness.

The name “Mehlwabovu/ Mehlo labovu” means red eyes, “Mehlo” meaning “Eyes” and “bovu”meaing “Red.” If you search for what the “Red Eye” symbolises, this is what comes out; Demonic, Weeping, Fury. I concluded that we really follow our names, if that makes any sense. If you can ask any afircan what their names mean they will tell you the stories behind.
Anyway, today I had the privilege to drive up this hill to deliver documents for some of our Board Members who stayed far from my city which is approximately, 1hr 30mins. I said a short prayer when leaving the house because this hill scares the devil out of me. I took along my jazz compilation to play in the car. The road is nice flat and wavy, I enjoyed the drive and I made a stop for sweet potatoes along the way since the region is famous for that. However, the terrain did not allow speeding because of the cattle grazing on the road side so I had to be careful. Reaching my destination on time was key.

I found my way to the Small Nhlangano Town and tried to follow road signs since I did not know much about the town. I noticed a kfc:) ..much better.. I called the Manager of our Regional office for directions and I drove straight to where they are based. I called a few friends to meet and greet before I headed back to Mbabane. I had to take a break from the driving, my feet were cramping. After a chat with my friends, who delayed my drive back and warned me of my speeding habits, I decided to drive back this time reducing my speed. I was enjoying the view, taking pictures and short videos along the way.

When I was about to drive down Mehlwabovu, I reduced speed to 60kms and I decided to film the mountain to share on my Instagram and facebook. Little did I know, as I was driving down still video recording I noticed smoke coming out from the bush. I drove closer, a horse & trailer overturned blocking the whole road burying the driver and a passenger underneath it in a ditch. I was the 3rd car on the scene and I found people trying to pull out the two men. The truck was already on fire and it was carrying what looked like folded packs of boxes. The good Samaritans managed to pull out the passenger, he looked unhurt but he was crying and screaming for help for the driver. The persistent flames and the landing position of the truck made it impossible to retrieve the driver. The men on the scene tried to help but only the legs were showing outside with the rest of the body trapped. The flames were doubled and followed by a loud burst, I could not take it anymore. I cried and left the accident scene, there were no fire personnel or police officers on site when I left.

I could not believe what I saw. The passenger lay on the road so helpless and short of breath. It was my first time to see such an accident. The driver experienced hell on earth, dying in such a terrible way and the pain of being burnt alive while you feel everything. I convince myself that he was already dead when they attempted to pull him out so he did not feel the pain or the flames. I am in total shock as I am writing this I can’t even sleep, the thoughts run through my head. No one deserves to die in such a terrible manner. The mountain has been famous for these type of accidents.

The mountain is really filled with fury, crushing and burning innocent souls. The person who named this mountain must have lost loved ones to it but why curse it. The mountain is very dangerous, we say our prayers everyday whenever we drive up or down the hills.

May he find rest and his family internal peace.


  1. Sawubona LinCaya,

    I am from the United States and ran across your blog preparing a English to Siswati vocabulary and phrase list for a mission team that I am leading with my family from the US. Ngiyabonga kakulu by the way for the time and effort you put into that. This will be our 5th consecutive year in Swaziland working with our partners in Mbabane and out East in Tabankulu and Njojane.

    After seeing the list, I decided you read part of your blog and read your last entry about the accident you came upon while traveling on Mehlwabovu. My concern is for you and that you have someone to work through those feelings and emotions with. I am not sure why these things happen but I do know that we serve a loving God and that bad things do happen to good people. Sometimes it is because of the gift of freewill that our Lord gave us and we choose badly more than not. Anyway, I won't get to religious on you. I just pray that you can have peace about what you witnessed and that you ask for help if you are struggling. God is good all the time. If you believe that in your heart and ask for help in your struggles then He will help you through anything.

    Be blessed.

    1. Thank you Mr Lee for noting that. i spoke to someone we work with, there is a wellness office at my work place. i managed to get some psychological help. I was indeed traumatized and asked God too many questions. It is not a good thing to witness such or maybe it was for my personal growth...i am scared of bad things or darkness or death or sickness:(...

      Thank you so much and i hope you will enjoy your stay in Swaziland when you visit again.

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