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Monday, 6 June 2016

I am still hanging in there

You never said life will be easy at the same time you never said I will come face to face with such hardships. You never told me love would hurt this much but you said we must love one another as you have loved us. You have given us a manual to navigate through life but you have not indicated the corners or “Danger lies ahead” signs. You said I should call on you and you will answer. The problem is you never told me how long it takes for you to answer to my requests, you just said I should call on you and tell you how I am coping.

You said in everything I must give thanks but how am I going to give thanks when the world is shutting me out. My voice is not heard, sometimes I wonder if you hear me calling out to you. You said you will bless the work of my hands and whatever I lay my hands on shall prosper. I am looking at my hands and asking myself if I am doing enough, have I planted the wrong seeds. The mine that I am running reaps only raw stones instead of gold and rubies. Besides, I have to work twice as hard to get to the core, only to find valueless stones.   

You said I should obey my parents so that it may go well with me and that I may live longer on earth. I am honouring my parents, they are happy with me. I want to live longer so I try to do good. Family after all, is all I have, they support and cheer me on in whatever I do. Is that the reason why you advised against going astray?

Then again, allow me to do an introspection.  Have I played my part as it is required of me? Am I worthy to question your wisdom?

We all have a role to play in this life before we start pointing fingers and mentioning that we have been compromised. Everything has been given unto us and we have acquired skills and thinking capacity to tackle whatever comes across. Each obstacle that come we are given power or the “hunch” that we are doomed for failure but we choose to press on.  The basic rules of life that we choose to disregard are our guide through life. How do you treat people? How do you respond to advice? How do you handle yourself? How do you perceive and think of yourself?

In the world that we live in, we are so concerned with good things coming our way but we do not want to work hard. We prefer short cuts. That is why we live in a world filled with bribery, scams and fraud. We are enriching ourselves with false knowledge. There is a saying that whatever comes cheap you will lose sooner than you think, because it has no value, you have not worked hard enough to earn it. Are we planting seeds of love in the world or planting thorny trees that will grow to haunt us in the future. The seeds that we are planting today will grow at the time when we have forgotten our actions and we will question the world.

What have we done to deserve the promised land with all the riches we have in our minds. Have we fought a fair fight or we have robbed the hand that feeds us? Can we honestly say we have been compromised?

I want to live in a world that has no fear, corruption and slavery. I want to create my own world of happiness and fair play.  However, if I create my own world without you in it, then my world will fall apart because it will have no foundation, light, guidance, companionship and friendship. I am still hanging in there, waiting for that one day when I will be content with the works of my hands and there will be no back stabbing. 


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